We are happy to announce that our colleague Mr. Nikolaj Troels Graf von Malotky successfully defended his PhD thesis with the topic “Generische ITS-Softwarearchitektur und ITS-Prozess ” (software architecture, software framework, prototype and process of an AI powered teaching software, a full specification of an intelligent tutoring system). Congratulations!

After successfully defending her master thesis entitled “Comparative study of the performance of various optimizers for Named Entity Recognition system” Sumaiya joined our group as a scientific researcher. She is working in the project eDEM-Connect where she investigates automated methods for knowledge extraction and learning of semantic structures from texts.

After successfully defending his master thesis entitled “A pipeline for named entity extraction from scarcely annotated and noisy text documents”, Teodor Stoev has joined the CoMSA²t team. He works in the project BehavE where he deals with behaviour analysis from heterogeneous data sources, data fusion, and automatic generation of situation […]

We are happy to announce that Yi-Jie Lin successfully defended his master thesis entitled “Identification of Different Persons by Applying Machine Learning Methods on Odor Patterns”. The thesis investigates methods for detecting the identity of a person based on their smell measured with odor sensors.